Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

We have had some crazy weather here lately! One minute it is 80's the next 50's and then it sky rockets into the 90's. Sunday the 7th of May was just going to be ridiculous! And I mean it... Josh and I are really trying not to turn the air on right now. With us moving every penny counts. So Josh went to work and I took the kids to church and I really wanted to avoid being in the house at all costs if I could help it. So the kids and I went to church and go invited out to lunch :) It was delicious and fun (and air conditioned) and then the boys got to go over to Pawpaw John and Meemaw Mary's house to play and Leanna and her friend Cadence got to run errands with me. We had to return some clothes to Goodwill (the shorts were to big on Hudson and a top for Leanna too), return a vacuum cleaner (it was broken) and some clothes to target (someone got Leanna the wrong size) and just little things like that. Again all air conditioned and not in the house! So I went to drop off Cadence at home and ended up hanging out with Beth for a little while. We decided to let the girls play in the hose. So we ran and grabbed the boys and let them play too! It was a great afternoon they played together so well and came up with fun games and water slides and everything. Not to mention it was cool and fun for everyone!
Thanks Aunt Beth for letting us hang out and have some fun on a hot summer day!

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