Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Haircut

My boys has been trying to convince me for MONTHS to let him get "a Daddy haircut". I have held him off until now. "A Daddy haircut" is a buzz cut. It is short. It is REALLY short. It made me very nervous for several reasons...
1. What if he has a funky shaped head under all that hair? I mean that would be just tragic.
2. What if Hudson hated it? It isn't like we can just braid it a new way or put in a pretty bow until it grows out. You know what I mean?
3. It's a buzz cut on MY BOY!
Well needless to say they finally convinced me to let him do it. So we made the big hair cut the other day. The funniest part of all of this? Josh ended up getting the clippers caught in his hair (not on purpose they just got tangled) and I had to end up cutting his know the one who didn't want it done in the first place!!!
Okay so a before shot.
And the after.
The worst part? I didn't get to take any pictures since I was the one that ended up doing all the cutting. Bummer :( thankfully the before is like two weeks ago and the after was the next day! I sure do love this kid!

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