Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Daughter Banquet

Did I happen to mention that amongst the chaos of moving, last day of school stuff, field day, preschool graduation, karate awards and just general life craziness that Beth and I happened to also get the awesome privilege of being in charge of hosting the Mother Daughter Banquet? Now to be fair when we agreed to do it I had no idea I would be moving or that all that other stuff would be just days after the banquet. I also had no idea just how crazy the end of the school year(s) was going to be either! However it went over swimmingly. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Our theme this year was You've Got "Purse"onality. It was all about what a lady carries in her purse and what it says about us being mothers and daughters of God. I got to plan the devotion for it. Isn't that awesome? Anyone who knows me also knows I was ready to vomit over it too! Beth and I worked so very hard though and I think it paid off. Beth is such a creative little soul and she can bargain shop like nobody's business! So our strengths played with one another. We had the lovely Felicity sing for us... she did Carrie Underwood Don't Forget to Remember Me, the lovely Tina V. and Melissa H. with their skit and song, Anything you can do I can do better. We played some fun games. We laughed and we enjoyed being mothers and daughters. We enjoyed this walk together. We celebrated and we loved. That is all I could have asked for. Mel and Tina's skit.
Felicity singing. She did such a wonderful job!
Beth and her girls.
Our tales. Our colors were purple and green and the centerpieces we just did purses with potted flowers in them :)
Some of the lovely momma's and daughters that were able to join us.
One of the many families that joined us that day. 4 generations in just this photograph!
It was just flooring to me how many families we had there with four generations present at the event. All those ladies in a church loving their mom's or daughters or sisters. Truly awesome. Exhausting but worth every minute of the work.

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mackyton said...

Wow, I adore this Mother Daughter Banquet! The event was so fun. You know my mom’s birthday is coming and I also have been planning a vintage themed party for celebrations. But I am able to find any good LA venue for that. If you have any suggestions, please share.