Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Days 16-21!!!

We have had so much going on lately it has been insane. I am thankful for children who for THE MOST part...go with the flow.

Nolan had to have hernia surgery on the 18th. I am thankful we had a wonderful Christian doctor who prayed for Nolan (and for his momma) before his surgery. I am thankful Josh was able to be off work and able to take care of Hudson. I am thankful the surgeon (I have an amazing pediatric surgeon if anyone needs a recommendation) was able to fix my boy up and help him.

I am thankful to have my happy go lucky baby dude back! I missed his face! His smiles and his giggles!

I am thankful that he was doing so well after surgery that I was able to take the older two to go and see an amazing play put on by Northwest Highschool Students. They did such a great job.

I am thankful for a 4 year old boy, who normally can't sit still to save his life, that was so enthralled with the show he sat perfectly still the whole time. He loved it!

I am thankful for a 6 year old girl, who is on such a routine for bedtime and school, that she fell asleep against me during the slower ending part. She was so tired.

I am thankful that we had another restful weekend (so many of those are far and few between) and also to be able to spend some time sewing with a friend from church. I love learning new things from Ms. Margaret and she is so talented and just fun to spend time with.

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures they will return tomorrow!

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