Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4...The husband

I am so blessed to be married to a man who is absolutely amazing.

Some of his FINEST attributes are:

amazing daddy

There are other lists too like Finer attributes and Fine attributes. Now there is another list of things that get on my cotton pickin' nerves. However, this month we are being thankful ;)

Josh has been around, out and in my life for 12.5 years now. That just seems crazy to me. For 9 of them we have been together as a couple. 7 of them married. 6 of them parents together. One day it feels like we have been together forever and others it seems so new.

He amazes me at his ability to keep me grounded. His work ethic is like very few I have ever seen before. He loves me for me. Large, small, tall, short, angry, sad, happy or crazy.

The following are a few pictures I snapped the other night (with my point and shoot so I apologize for the poor quality but I was really wanting to catch the moment!) while he wrestled and goofed off on the couch.

That list of cotton pickin' things that drives me crazy. At probably the top of that list is how he always has his eyes closed in my pictures!

I love this man so much and I am so grateful and will be forever thankful that he is my husband and the daddy of our babies!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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Casey said...

I LOVE that pic of Josh with all the kids! He is such a good dad! I'm so glad you got such a great guy!