Monday, November 22, 2010

Days 10-15???

What can I say? I am thankful for life happening. Things got crazy! They got crazy quick. I have lots to be thankful about the crazy that has happened in the last 13 days though!

We started off with my girl getting an ear infection! It was very sad it is the first one she has had since she had tubes put in her ears at 11 months old. She was miserable. So to the doctor we went. And for that I am thankful that we have a pediatrician that loves my children. She is amazing with them! Also thankful for antibiotics to help my girl feel better quickly!

NOT thankful that we caught the 24 hour bug while we were at the doctor's office waiting room though... Yeah you heard me right. From Wednesday morning to Saturday (EARLY) morning I was thankful for every vomiter that made it to the bathroom or trashcan... I know it was BAD! I am also thankful for a washer and dryer... if this had been the olden days I am not quite sure WHAT I would have done!

I was thankful for a restful weekend. I also was INCREDIBLY thankful for a routine to return to on Monday. It was so nice!

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Sarah G said...

So, glad you are all feeling better and are healthy! Praying you all stay that way. :)