Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the KIDS in my life brought to you by the MAN in my life...

I know I blog about my kids A! LOT! However those three beautiful babes didn't happen magically. There was another partner involved this guy...

He may leave me over this picture being posted by the way :) He HATES having his picture taken and was being sarcastic to me so he totally deserves this.

He is pretty good guy. I love watching him with the babies. He is so funny with Leanna her know it all attitude completely comes from him right down to the smirk of AWFULNESS! Hudson gets his hands on behavior and want to "fix" things from him. So far Nolan just has his Dad's rugged good looks.

I love watching this man with our children. He is so good with them.

Some examples...

I am so thankful for a man who loves his children the way my man does. He works hard and comes home and tries to work hard again! So glad God gave me him. Such a great worker and daddy and husband.

Have an awesome Friday everyone!
Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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