Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We have had so much fun the past couple of weeks. We have had swim overs, Birthday BBQ's, Park dates, Get together because it has been over a year BBQ's, you name it we have done a BBQ for it.

We have had lots of fun with everyone at each so the next few posts will be dedicated to those super fun events!

I can't remember which came first now...

So we will start with Matt's Birthday BBQ. (Because I didn't take a single picture at Rachel's Graduation Party...oops)

Matt and Heather invited us over for Matt's Birthday (He is oooollllddddd don't tell him I told you okay?). The kids had a ton of fun. Plus we got to hang out with some really awesome friends too. Kenny and his wife Megan were there (super nice and their girls are soooo stinking cute), Emma and Shannon were there too (they are expecting a little boy in August!!!), Paul (that guy is a riot!) and Andy and Angela and the Revisky's were there. It was a great time. I only post pictures of those I know I can though so unfortunately not everyone mentioned will be pictured!

Oh his smile!

And this is Owen he is such a cute little guy!

Our happy little man Nolan.

Splash Down!

This little girl is Olivia and I just love her! She smiles every time I see her and it makes me happy!

The obligatory food eating picture. Hudson was starving after wrestling with sissy in the pool.

Heather set up a pretty sweet kiddie pool area and they grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It really was a nice relaxing time and the kids were asleep before we hit the highway (DOUBLE BONUS)! Thanks Matt and Heather for an awesome time!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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