Monday, October 13, 2008

Weight loss Challenge...and Updates!

So I am asking my few and faithful readers (you know who you are hehehe) to help keep me accountable. Also I am sorry in advance but once a week there will now be a check in weight loss post! Wednesday weight loss!

A certain person close to me (she wants it to be a surprise when she comes to visit so I am not saying names) has lost 50 pounds. I am soooo proud of her. That is amazing!

(This is kinda the update portion)
I have quit smoking! I haven't smoked in 3 weeks. If you know me you know that that is amazing. However in the 2 months (that I was trying) and the 3 weeks (I have been successful) I have gained probably 10-15 pounds. (Josh is still working on it please keep him in mind he is really trying he even signed up for a program through his job to help him I am soooo proud of hard he is working).

(This is kinda the challenge portion)
She (is incredibly proud of me and when she comes to visit she is taking me to eat at my favorite restaurant) has challenged me to reach my goal weight of 200 pounds by Christmas this year. She is going to try and make it from a 16 (she was a 24) to a 12 by then. So I need help in being accountable for my choices. I have already made myself healthier by the whole quitting smoking thing. Now I want to lose weight too.

So prayers and encouragement and well wishers are welcome. That and ask me the hard questions. Get in my face. Make me feel guilty and make me be ACCOUNTABLE. That is the important part of this.

And if you choose to join in the challenge with me ("C" I know you are supposed to be gaining weight for baby boy "E" so I know you won't be joining me :).. I get giggly think about your baby boy) and try and drop some weight or just eat healthier or whatever feel free. Let me know and I will help with all the prayers and encouragement you can stand but please know I am gonna ask the "hard" questions too!


Casey said...

Yah ... I gained 6 lbs in the last week for this baby boy. I wish I could join you! But it'll have to wait another 6 weeks or so :)

I'm so proud of you that you've not smoked for 3 wks! Rock on!!! AND you're tackling a weight loss challenge? Amazing! Keep up the great mental work :) It'll pay off! I can't wait to see the Incredible Shrinking Shay ... :)

Shaybplus3 said...

I think I am going to have to make a sign for myself at work now that says that...

-admission $1.00

That would rock!

But yeah for growing babies too!

smac said...

Awesome Shay!!! I'm in the weight loss game as well so feel free to ask me any questions you want. I will definitely continue to pray for you as you stay smoking free and shed those pounds. You can do it!!

And way to go for three weeks down of no smoking! Keep up the great work!

Can't wait to see you on the 14th of November if not before. :)