Friday, October 3, 2008


Good morning to the two or three people who read my blog.
Today is Friday so that means... TYGF...Thank you God for...

The ongoing post that happens every Friday. To list off something that I am thankful for (please feel free to join me and let me know what you are thanking God for).

So today's post is an interesting one.
Thank you God for....


Now why would Shay be thankful for that you say?
Well because I am please to announce to the blog world (my few but magnificent readers) that Josh and Shay Brewer have not purchased cigarettes in a week.

Josh is having some struggles but he is working very hard on quitting as well. So if you think of him say a few prayers for him please!

Now Shay hasn't smoked in 5 days. Due to sheer stubbornness and because I refused to look like I was a liar again. I know that I have said several times that I was quitting. I never followed through. My will power was no good. My stubbornness was not up to par for the course so to speak.

I wanted to do this for several reasons. One I have determined I don't ever want my children to do it. Two, I don't want to waste the money doing it anymore. Three, I want my husband and I to be healthier and around for a long time. Four, I want to be an example to the rest of my family (there are several that smoke) that if we can do it so can they. Finally, I want to make sure that everything I am doing is honoring and pleasing to God.

So this week I prayed for Stubbornness. Not patience or peace or to take the want away no for sheer will power and stubbornness. It hasn't been easy and it sure is easy to fall to the temptation when I see someone else or smell it somewhere. So stubbornness is what I needed for this.

So I am thankful for Stubbornness! What are you thankful for this week?


smac said...

Way to go Shay!! I will definitely be praying that God would give you strength and stubborn power as you try to quit. You can do it!!!!

Today I would have to say I am thankful grandparents. My mom and Dad are getting ready to keep the girls for a week and I am very grateful. They've never had both girls before so I am sure they are going to be exhausted after the girls leave. :) I'm very excited to have a break and to spend some time with Will.

Casey said...

Go Shay and Josh!!! That's so awesome that you're taking this on together! You can do it! Keep up the great work!!

And thank God for grandparents over here too! And I'm glad that Mia likes to go visit her grandparents so much. I'm sure your girls will have lots of fun with lots of good/different attention :) Enjoy your week with Will, Sarah!

What am I thankful for today? New days. Yesterday was tough, physically. Elliott was in a really awkward spot all day long and it completely exhausted me. So weird how one little thing in the wrong place can make your whole body hurt. But today, he has decided that he'd rather sit in a different spot, so I'm feeling much better. Yah, cuz if every day was like yesterday, I might just be in the hospital by Monday, begging the doctor to take the baby out NOW. But today, instead, I'm thankful for another day to "enjoy" being pregnant (even though I'm having a fat day), to enjoy my big girl, and enjoy the expectation of meeting Eli soon :)

Angy said...

Hey Shay, it's Angie and I want to say that I am very proud of you as well! Keep it up!