Friday, October 24, 2008


So it is time for another edition of Thank You God For...


Yep I know seems generic again right? Well nope!

He is such a good dad. That is the specifics this week. He is a good dad. He loves his kids. He spends time with them and plays with them.

If he gets home in time he loves giving them their bedtime bath. The kids love it too because well I love him but he is a pushover at bath time. They splash and laugh and have WAYYYY to many bubbles in the tub (see why mom isn't fun at bath time). We have races to get them dressed into their jammies (which normally end in a tie).

He picks them up and carries them on his shoulders (even Leanna and she is a big girl now). He tickles them and watches cartoons with them too. (X-men and Spiderman being his favorites but he watches Dora and My Little Pony all the same).

So thank you God for sending me a man who loves his babies. Who plays tea party and crawling races. Thank You for sending me a man who has Jammie races and plays horsie (being the horse). Thanks for letting me have this man who my kids call Daddy!

Join me today in being thankful and expressing that. You can't be angry and worry about things when you are expressing thanks. Cause usually what you are thankful for is a happy thought and makes you smile! So what is it you are thankful for?

Thanks YOU for reading!


smac said...

Definitely a good thing to be thankful for!! Today I'm thankful for...well a lot of things. My brain is really not working well today so I can't quite clearly get one solid thought out. :) But if I had to pick one thing today I would say I'm thankful for dancing. It the midst of my somewhat crazy attitude today the girls and I enjoyed dancing in the living room to silly songs. It was fun, the girls loved it, and it was also good exercise. ) Yay for dancing like you just don't care!!!

Casey said...

I'm most def. thankful for my husband today too! He's been working so hard lately to 'take care' of some things for the family (like 30 extra hours a week, on top of 40 hrs at Met). I greatly appreciate his willingness to take on another job. It was completely his idea, not mine. I really miss having him around though. He is such a great help around the house and with Mia - it's really tough when he's gone so much. He has another long weekend of work this weekend, and I need to remember to tell him 'thank you' and tell him how much I appreciate him. I know I don't say it enough! Mia and I look forward to seeing him again tomorrow evening! I'm hoping to make lasagna - should be interesting :)