Thursday, September 30, 2010


A morning by numbers in the Brewer household...

3 breakfasts eaten - means bellies are full

3 pairs of pajamas in the dirty laundry - means I have job security

1 load started - means I had made laundry soap (finally)

1 load partially folded - means that momma got interupted

1 girl off to school - means knowledge

2 boys home to play with - means I have lots of fun

2 pounds of hamburger meat thawing on the counter - means there is food in my fridge AND a plan for dinner (YES!)

1,000 tears from Nolan - means I have a teething and quite accident prone little man

1,000 tears from Hudson - means I have a slightly crabby/needing a nap 4 year old

258 pounds on the scale - means I have some work to do before Nolan's party

40 pieces of tissue paper on the table - means a craft was done and I should probably clean up

9 is the channel that is on the TV - means my boys love Clifford

7 unopened bills on the counter - means medical services were provided AND that momma is avoiding them

12:30 is the time for lunch - we are having grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup

40 minutes is how long my washing machine takes - means I will have clean clothes soon

90 minutes is how long my dryer takes - means I have a little more time to do nothing *winks*

12 apples were peeled and sliced - means one lucky husband is having apple crisp after dinner

36 minutes have been used to write this post... time to get back to work!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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Sarah G said...

Sounds like a successful day to me!! Happy laundry folding. I'm getting the washing part done, but not the folding. Tonight is grocery shopping night so that means tomorrow night is laundry folding night. yahoo!! :)
Fortunately like you said once, my wise friend. Lots of laundry means we have clothes!! Thankful God is providing even if it means work. :)