Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beautiful Day!!!

Thursday was absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

There was no way I was letting it go by without doing something fantasticly outdoorsy!

While I am no hiking momma strapping my 25 (or so) pound small person to my back. We did get some friends together and make a morning out at Suson Park. It was lovely. The breeze was blowing, the animals were out, the ducks were in the water, the sun was shining and my heart was bursting with thanks for the GREAT DAY! Much needed after the oppressively hot summer we have had.

The kids had a great time. We strolled around the pond and saw fish swimming, got up close to some ducks. At 10:30 the barn doors opened and then we petted the horses, we saw the milking exhibit, we looked at some really big pigs, saw the hens, Hudson and I personally had a great time imitating the strutting rooster (we were a sight to see!) we had a picnic lunch! It was such an amazing and beautiful day. While I don't often wish time away... today I was secretly wishing for the beautiful red and orange and gold leaves to be blowing across the ground. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. So today was a glorious taste of the coming months!

Thanks to some awesome ladies (Ms. Beth and Ms. Heather) for making a lovely day even lovelier!

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