Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 years!!!

Dear Josh,

I don't know where in the world 7 years has gone. While at the same time has it been 7 years ALREADY?

We have been through so much together. Three kids, job loss, job change, home, not home, moves, bills, chaos, life changing events and yet somehow I still get that heart thumping beat when you walk in the door. I still get excited about date night (probably because it happens A LOT LESS often now). I still want to spend time with you. That has to mean something right? I sure hope so.

I love you. Even the sarcastic smart alec drive me crazy with the one-liners self. I love how amazing you are with our children. I love that you are trying to be a major part of Nolan's therapy. I love that you play shoot 'em up guns with Hudson. I love that you have no idea how to be a girl but somehow Leanna's face lights up whenever you do whatever it is that you do! I love that you will help anyone.

I know it hasn't been easy. I know that the path we have been traveling seems long and crazy and full of bumps, potholes, spike metal tire popping things (whatever they are called) but I know that there isn't another man on this planet I would want to be traveling along it with.

I love you. Whether the next 7 are as crazy as the first or not I am really thankful that they are going to be with you.

Love always and forever,


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Sarah G said...

Happy Anniversary you two!! So, glad you two are together! Praying the next 7 years and many, many more are filled with wonderful blessings and exciting adventures. :) Love you both!