Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A 'Girls' Birthday Party

Leanna decided this year she wanted to have a small girls only party for her birthday party this year.

I had so much fun planning it with her.
She was very detailed and specific on what she would like. I thought it was so funny to see how her little mind worked and what her 6 year old self decided all entailed a 'girls' party.

She wanted all of the girls to have matching pajamas. So as a birthday gift Josh and I purchased all of the little ones' pj pants. Leanna picked out a very cute light pink with different colored hearts all over it and the bottom cuff was a very dark pink. She decided that we would "make" the pj's shirts. She wanted their names on them and sparkling hearts. So I asked all the mommies to have the girls bring a plain dark pink shirt with them so we could make something special.

The pajama part turned out very cute...

Then she wanted to watch a princess movie... but not a normal princess movie. This proved to be a bit more challenging as what in the world is a princess movie without a princess? Problem was solved when we saw the advertisement for the new Veggie Tales movie... Sweetpea Beauty it was perfect! Not to long... not to princessy and with a sweet tagline and message behind it (A Girl after God's own heart)! With the movie she wanted some special snacks (her favorites of course) popcorn, m&m's, reese's pieces and licorice! Which we did.

Before we watched the movie. Leanna put a special box together for her friends. It had a pencil, a princess crown cookie cutter, some non-traditional princess stickers, some super bling and a princess and a prince wood coloring set (Michael's craft store project).

She then told all of her friends what she thought there special talent is... some were super friendly, some were smart, some were funny. It was a very sweet thing to do and she did it on her own. I was very proud.

And of course wherever there are large quantities of girls... there is large quantities of gabbin and grubbin!

All in all a super successful birthday party. To all the mommies that let their little ones come. Thanks. All of your girls who were there are very special to Leanna and to our family. We love and appreciate all of you. I think it is pretty awesome that Leanna has such a good group of girls that are her friends! I also think I have some really great mommy friends too!

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