Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gooooo CARDS!!!

Josh and I took the babies to their first ever baseball game!

Thanks to Hussman who gave St. Joseph's Institute for the Deaf the tickets for all of us. Miss Cathy, our speech therapist, was there with her family, some of the nuns, volunteers and a ton of other families. It was pretty awesome of them.

The funny thing of that is that Josh used to drive for Cooper Bussman which is a branch off or something of Hussman it was a pretty cool small world thing.

On to the game. The small people sat through 8.5 innings of baseball with a great attitude. It was an amazing day.

While we were walking to the stadium (which was a pretty decent hoofin' we asked them to do) we had the whole conversation that the game and the snacks we brought were our special treat and that asking for anything would result in a no answer and a sad mommy and daddy because we should be thankful/grateful for what we are being able to do today and not what we want... and they both were okay with this no questions, squabbles or anything!

Lo and behold we walk into the stadium and it was Build a Bear day! They got the cutest little bears... I present you with O. Smith the triplets...

The kids were SOOOO excited! Leanna actually asked me if she could have it before she took it from the lady it was really cute!

The game was awesome. The kids clapped, cheered, screamed CHARGE with the best of them. They showed interest in the game. Asked questions. For this baseball lovin' mama it was a proud proud day for me! Josh and Nolan hung out. The kids got to sit with Daddy or Mommy, it was seriously a wonderful outing! Thankfully it wasn't to hot either.

Some more pictures of our fun filled family day...

So thankful for an amazing and fun filled family day!
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Momma to 3
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Sarah G said...

Looks like an AWESOME time!! Glad you guys got to go and how fun that it was Build a Bear day!! I love how God works out little blessings like that! :) Can't wait to see you soon my friend! I miss you!!!