Thursday, August 5, 2010

*Long Week 1* Check In:

So ladies and gents I have made it to the gym twice so far this week if I make it tomorrow I will have done the three times a week for this week. According to the scale last night at the gym I am down 3 pounds. The pictures in this post have NOTHING to do with anything I may be writing... I just need to smile them...

As far as schedule and routine go? Mornings have been rough. The afternoons are going well. They say to change things in baby steps. Well baby steps we are doing.

I have a migraine from the caffeine withdrawal. I miss my daily Dr. Pepper. I really miss my coffee. Also I am pretty sure that my favorite (I have like coupons for 5 free ones) frappe drink at McD's I don't think I can get decaf... ughhh...

We have been surviving off of cereal, fruits and vegetables. Cooking isn't an option. My house God bless it. It is a good little home for us... but our air conditioner is working as hard as it possibly can and I am not going to do one single thing to battle against so cooking... not an option. Laundry is getting done at night so that the dryer isn't negating all of my air conditioners hard work.

The rest of this week I have to be more disciplined in getting up and moving by no later that 7:00 am. I am always awake but I am kinda slow and sluggish in my motivational.

Just checkin in... How is every one else's week going?
Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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