Monday, August 30, 2010

A new scale!

These morning workouts are really making it easier for me to be consistent. That was always a major problem for me... consistency. The kids would need to nap, I would be in the middle of a project, dinner would be in the oven, Leanna would need to do homework and if I TRIED to go at night after Josh would get home I was too tired to leave my house or my husband to be honest (he works so many hours I don't get to see him a ton you know) and I would just not go and say, "I'll go tomorrow maybe Josh will get home earlier or the kids will be in a better mood", blah blah blah... excuses, excuses and more excuses.

So now we go after we take sissy (Leanna) to the bus stop. I am there by 8:30 we are back home by 10:00 (at the latest if I do a LOOONG workout) and Nolan is usually ready for his morning nap as soon as we walk in the door. It is great! Plus I feel better throughout the day.

So my good friend Ms. Beth has been going with me. Her oldest Cadence's bus comes at the exact same time as Leanna's so we meet up and we workout together. Which is nice to have someone to talk to, to encourage and well to encourage me as we push through. We will be attempting to go at least 4-5 times a week.

This morning however we get there and the scale was BROKEN! (DUN DUN DUUUHHHHNNN... what happened did Shay ever get her numbers? Does she know how much progress she has made??? Oh the suspense!)

So we went to Target and I bought a scale today! While this will not be a completely accurate weigh-in because I had eaten something and drank two bottles of water before weighing myself.

Well I will let the picture do the talking for me...

If you can't read that well let me tell you it says 265.6!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is 13.5 lbs so far! I am almost halfway to my short term goal!

Maybe that 30 pounds by my anniversary isn't impossible?

Oh and even better... Last week my best mile walk/run was 18:10. My goal this week was to shave 10-25 seconds off (I am trying to build endurance overall not kill myself just one time) and today my mile was 17:02!!! I am so excited! By Christmas time I would like to be consistently RUNNING a 12:00 mile. We shall see!

Oh and I am skipping the pictures of me this week because Josh isn't here to take them and well hopefully we will be able to see more results next week!!!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*


Sarah G said...

AWESOME SHAY! Just awesome! That is great! Glad you are finding more consistency and a time that works for you to hit the gym. It is So easy like you said to find excuses. Glad it is working out!

Casey said...

GOOOOOOOOO SHAY! Woo hoo! Way to go! The first 10 lbs seem the hardest, I'm sure they'll start falling off real fast now, especially with a 4 day/wk workout schedule!

I hope this new routine works out well for you. It's so hard to fit it all in .... but it sounds like this will be a good option for you!

Go Shay!