Monday, March 2, 2009


There are moments when I look at my children and think how will I survive them?

Harsh words right? Not. I have two of the most perfectionist children in the world. Everything has to be just right all the time. I also happen to have a wonderful little mother hen (Leanna) and one of the most independent leave-me-alone and let me do it by myself (Hudson) people in the world. They are amazing. I love them.


Then we have a moment like this....

They really do get each other. They play. They laugh. They fight. They scream. They hug. They love.

I love me some moments like these. They make all of the "insane and crazy oh my Lord please help me survive this moment's", totally and completely worth it.

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smac said...

Too cute!! As hard as two children can be sometimes I am so thankful that Lily and Evalyn get to have a sibling.