Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was busy working on cleaning the house a weekend or two ago, when Hudson came up and batted his ridiculous lashes at me and asked if him and sissy could play playdoh pleaaaasssse (must witness to understand its effectiveness). So I told them if they promised to keep it on the table and not fight about it..."Mommy will get it out".

They spent 4 1/2 hours playing with the stuff. I finally had to tell them I was ready to make dinner and it was time to put it away. It was insane and awesome! I only had to remind them to "be kind" once during the entire time. Which accounts for the unending battle of siblings that occurred the rest of the evening. I did however manage to grab a few pictures in between mopping and dusting (YUCK!)

Here they are...


smac said...

4 1/2 hours!! That's AWESOME!!! I love play doh well unless it gets in my carpet then I'm not a big fan. :) Good stuff! I can't wait till Eva is old enough to play with Play doh. I think then Lily will want to play it longer when someone else is doing it with her. She likes it now, but would rather have someone working along with her.
Yay for cheap fun!!

Anonymous said...

dang, girl!i wish mia would do one activity for 4 1/2 minutes! that's amazing!!