Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun with Friends...

Updated to add: I started this ohhhhh a month ago! So a little late but here ya go....

We were very lucky that last week we got to spend some time with our friends the Good's. We were able to go and see a movie with them.

I must preface this with. I was nervous. Hudson had never been to see a movie before and I was worried he wouldn't make it through. Leanna she has been to movies since she was one but Hudson well... he is my boy and sitting still doesn't happen when I expect it to just yet. I thought just maybe the movie Bolt would be enough fun and explosions to keep him intrigued.

He surprised me. Other than needing to potty (he has only been potty trained for a little over a month now sooooo I have to take him when he asks NO MATTER WHAT) and wanting to talk to Lily during the movie. He was pretty awesome.

The movie was fun and Leanna talked about getting to sit next to her friend Lily at the big people movies for DAYS.

Some pictures of our fun time together (Thanks Sarah for inviting us out!)

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smac said...

Ok, so I just teared up looking at those pics!!! All three of them look so big and old sitting in those movie seats. :) Could you e-mail me that picture of Lily and Leanna? I'd like to get a copy printed to add to the scrap book. :) That was a lot of fun. Thanks for coming with us! We'll have to plan something again sometime soon. Maybe our families and the Neeb's can all meet up at a park sometime for a picnic. :)