Monday, March 12, 2012


This picture makes me soooo happy!

What is it you ask? Those are the walls in my daughter's room. Leanna chose a beautiful light purple and a gorgeous dark purple for room. That white wall you see there will be dark purple the next photo I show.

It seems so silly now but I was crying painting those walls. I am so thankful for this house. So many things God lined up for us. Can't even begin to explain it. I am so excited to make my children rooms. I never got to set up a nursery for any of my babies really. Leanna we did a room but she never even slept in it. I lost my job and then we filed for bankruptcy and then it was gone. Hudson we were living in my parent's house in one room and with Nolan we had the mobile home but there wasn't any money or space really. We did get new bedding for each new small person and we fixed up there space with fun things but it was never really THEIR room.

I love that Leanna and I took a special trip to pick out paint colors and that she is so excited too.

Again so thankful. More than I can even say.

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