Monday, January 3, 2011

Intentional Calmness?

The little man has ANOTHER double ear infection.

If you haven't been keeping track let me fill you in on why this is such an issue for me. Nolan has had at least 1 ear infection (usually a double ear infection) per month if not 2 per month. Since.He.Got.His.Tubes.

I was a very unhappy (and saddened) momma this morning when I sat up holding my little man for 3 hours so he would not scream. We went to the pediatrician today got antibiotics (which I am tired of giving to my son he has to be building an immunity to them by now) and had a battle of will with myself. I wanted to shout and scream and be angry and holler. I am soooooo tired of it. There has to be something that can fix this. He can't keep continuing to have an ear infection (sometimes 2) a month for the rest of his life.

So I CALMLY (willing myself with every fiber of my being) had a conversation with my pediatrician today. They are culturing the yucky that was in his ear and sending it to his ENT. I called him today and scheduled an appointment. I believe my exact words were... we get in this week or we will seek out a different ENT. Calmly stated but I intended on carrying out every word I had spoken. We see him on Friday.

I am also calling a chiropractor that a friend recommended to me tomorrow. I am going to take him to see her. My friend has discussed Nolan with her before and she thinks she may be able to do some good for him. I am a little nervous. It is out of my realm of comfortable and I am praying about that as well.

So I will be intentionally praying for wisdom for the doctors. For answers for myself so I can... I am not sure but I just hate not knowing. Also for relief for my boy it really has become to much for him. It breaks my heart every time he is hurting like this. Not to mention it has started to affect what hearing he does have. Which is NOT okay.

Thankfully he is such a trooper he really does smile and laugh and you would never know how much he is hurting. He has such an amazing spirit. I love his face. I love his heart. I love his smile... right now though I am having a very very hard time loving his ears.

With all of that I am trying to remind myself of a few things...
1. We have a doctor who loves our boy.
2. We have access to health care many do not. I truly am thankful to be able to seek out answers and medical attention to help him.
3. I have friends who love my boy. Who are helping me try to find relief and answers.
4. I am not in control God is. Even if it makes absolutely no sense to me? It does to him and there is a purpose for all things... even this.

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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Sarah G said...

Poor Noal and poor mommy. I'm SO sorry to hear he is still having so many ear infections. That just can't be right. Keep trusting that mommy gut God gave you and do what you need to. Can I do anything??? Really, what can I do to help out. I know going all around to dr.'s is not fun and exhausting so please let me know if I can help out in some way. The girls and I can totally drive out there or I could meet you somewhere and play with Hudson. Just let me know!
And I know chiropractic care can seem a little strange at first, but we LOVE it! I was really apprehensive at first years ago when we first started going, but the more I found out and the more I experience the more it makes sense. I've heard from our chiropractor as well how much adjustments can help with ear infections. Praying that you will have peace all around and that one way or another God would help Mr. Nolan with his ear infections. Preferably just taking them completely away. :)Again please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do!!!