Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking Pictures of Small People...

I love my small people they often make me laugh. They often make me wish to pull my hair out. They most certainly are my greatest trial of patience. They also are my greatest joy.

Picture taking of three small people?

AHHHH! Nolan wants to touch the camera, or oooh look a deer, or oh my goodness WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING ME SISTER, or oh wow I have a hand? Hudson has a thousand other things he would rather be doing, looking at, killing, creating, karate chopping and the list goes on and on and on. Leanna will sit and model for 45 minutes for me and never get grouchy.

And so I give you a few shots to show you what I mean. Up first Nolan.

Oh what you had that focused on me when I was further away? My bad! What is that? Can I touch it? Better yet can I lick it?

Oh that is so funny I am going to fall back and laugh hysterically... ready WATCH!

Oh look I have toes. I am going to bend over and touch them at the exact moment you snap the picture. Okay? Okay!

The best picture I got of the mister? Looking at the camera and midly in focus = winner!

Now for the Hudson man. He is sooo active and sitting still doesn't happen often. I often have to threaten BEG him to sit still and let me take ONE picture.

This picture screams Hudson... mischief in the making.

Then he had the NERVE to stick his tongue out at me!

But... then he laughed after sticking his tongue out at me and I got this one.

To be fair I think the first picture is my favorite just because it is SOOOOO Hudson.

Then there is Leanna... and I would show you three pictures of her...but really there is no point. They all look the same. She is sitting and smiling and well easy to photograph. So here is my favorite I took of her today.

Such a pretty little girl she is turning into. It makes my heart hurt to look at her.

Taking pictures of them is sometimes so rewarding... others not so much. But I do it because I know I won't remember if I don't. I know that I will look back on these and treasure them soooo much.

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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LuCkY GiRL said...

hai..your children is so cute.... :)
how lucky you are..god bless you.. :)