Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zoo Trip! With Friends of Awesome!

We got to go to the zoo with some (I missed you Beth you are still a friend of Awesome too) long lost friends of awesome!

Okay so they weren't really lost. We know where they are. We just have missed them and are so glad we got to hang out together!

We got there early to ride the carousel (Casey was sooooo LUCKY to have to be late). I happen to think the carousel is a ride of puking awfulness. I brave it only because my small people love it.

Sarah's little girl Evalyn calls it, "whooooo haaaa" it is soooo adorable. I love it.

Then we explored statues.

An awesome friendship is budding with these guys. I really hope they remain friends.

Lily is someone I have mentioned several times here. Leanna and her really seem to play well together and I love that they are friends. It makes me smile.

I know their momma's are such amazing blessings to me. I thank God for putting each of them in my life. I met Casey at college. She was my roommate. I really am thankful for her. She is an amazing momma and such a fun person. Sarah and I met at camp/college still not sure exactly sure. She is a really incredibly kindhearted person. They are both very talented and extremely fun to hang with. I kinda want to be them when I grow up ;)

So hop over to their blogs and take a peek. They have some of the cutest kids. Sarah a momma to all girls (God bless her) and Casey to one of each. They have some fun stories and their share of completely crazy. Which just makes me even happier they love me and all of my crazy too!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*


Sarah G said...

Love you Shay!! You Rock! Thanks for the kind words and for loving my crazy girls. I'm SOOOO glad we are friends and really glad are kids are friends too. And I totally want to be you when I grow up. :)

Bethany said...

I'm glad I was included in the friends of awesomeness! That is a very auspicious circle to be a part of. Looks like a fun day. :0)