Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Stuff...

Mother's Day around here is never a big deal. Josh works on Sundays too so...

However church has a little luncheon every year a Mother/Daughter Lunch. So Leanna and I attended. It was lots of fun...

The speaker (our good friend Ms. Ronalyn) told the story of Esther and how she turned lemons into lemonade (our theme this year) and Leanna followed every word she said it was amazing how Ronalyn caught her attention. She talked about inner and outer beauty and it was fun.

The lunch was delicious and we sat at a table with one of Leanna's Best Friends Madelaine and her momma and her Auntie Mel and Grandmother Tina (none of these people are actually related to us however because Leanna and Maddie are as tight as they are they have become family).

Some pictures from our adventures that day...
The girls were asked to dress like princesses to remind ourselves that we are princesses because we are daughters of the King!

Me and my Princess.

Silly girls and silly faces!

Leanna and Madelaine.

She was pretty excited we found something princessish to fit her at Goodwill. Poor girl is so tall (and such a big size) they don't make dress up clothes to fit her anymore.

It was a fun afternoon of just girl stuff for awhile. It was nice.

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