Monday, May 3, 2010


The lovely lady Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers has a lovely little meme on Tuesdays called Gratituesday and I decided it would be fun to join in. So today I give you...

These girls are sitting there with my Great Grandmother. Nana is the girls' Great-Great-Grandmother. I love that we are so lucky to have 5 living generations on my Dad's side of the family. Not many people can say that.

These are my cousins with their grandmother. She has had a long and somewhat hard life but she is always smiling. She to has Great Grandchildren. 4 generations.

My cousin with her great grandmother. We lovingly call her Nana. Others call her Grandma. Others still call her Little Grandma.

Freaky family trivia... ready? This is my Nana and my Great Aunt. Who is 16 days older than my Father. That is right my Granny and my Nana were pregnant at the same time. Nana not even with her baby! My Granny with her oldest.

This photo makes me a little weepy. There are 97.8 years between these two and yet a language of love is still spoken. Between a Great-Great-Grandma and her Great-Great-Grandson. There share more than just a bloodline... My nana she doesn't hear so good. While hers is age related and Nolan's is well we still aren't sure of the how. They both connect on that level as well. So thankful for this memory captured.

Hopefully one day here very soon I will be able to drag my brood down to the farm where my Nana lives and get me one heck of an heirloom. A five generation shot. Just got to find the $$$ and the time and the people to make it happen. really is ageless...

Momma to 3
*Shay B*


Jennifer said...

Take the photo yourself, if you must. Don't put it off - we learned the hard way, losing both my Grandfather and my brother before we could take that multi-generation family photo we had "always planned to do!" A lovely post.

Anonymous said...

These pics remind me of ones we take with my grandmum. She is in her 90's and there are 5 gerneations of love that we celebrate together. Such a blessing.

Enjoy your family times!