Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Prayers

So Josh and I have been looking for a new house for a little while now. We have been looking all over. Well recently we have switched from all areas to just in Arnold.

Our littlest guy Nolan has some special issues that require some special things. So since our IFSP is set up in Arnold school district, we LOVE our speech therapist, the special school district in Arnold is one of the better ones and Josh's job isn't far from here. After some serious discussions and thoughts from both of us and some prayer, we truly feel like this is the area where we need to be right now. Which is great except for one thing OUR budget doesn't really fit the area.

Amazingly enough a nice lady from church and her husband are going to be moving to Wyoming. They need to sell there house here to move there. It is in our budgeted amount, in the area we feel we need to stay, it is everything we have been looking for. We are really hoping and praying this was put in our paths for a reason.

So I have a few specific things to ask my friends to pray for...

1. That we can get another pre-approval since I am no longer working that still covers the amount.

2. That this is really what we are supposed to be doing.

3. That we can sell our current home QUICKLY.

4. That good attitudes and spirits remain through the outcome of this whatever it may be. We had something a few months ago that we had to let fall through due to some unforeseen circumstances that happened and discouraged barely begins to cover it.

So if you think of us could you please be praying for us and possibly our new home!

Thank you
Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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