Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clear the Clutter Part Deux

So in the Brewer household we are still working hard at clearing the clutter. I think I just going to show before pictures today again. As we are still hard at work and sometimes it is always the darkest before the dawn right?

Well that is my prayer would you please pray it with me too?

We are working on Laundry and kitchen stuff and my own personal job is going through Nolan's clothes and getting rid of the ones he has outgrown (some he never even got to wear!!!) and also the mail carrier or as I like to call it... "The Bill Holder of DEATH...."

So here are some before pictures for your viewing pleasure (again these are 100% real photos of ugly so please take caution before going any further)...

This is my medicine/baby food cabinet. It is in serious need of an overhaul and for old medicines to be disposed of and organized so it is a capable of holding more baby food since he is eating more and so it is easier to just look in there and grab what we need.

Keepin' It Real: This is my laundry room currently. It is a scary scary scary place right now. We are working on fixing that today.

This is a trouble spot in our kitchen. The spot by the microwave/refrigerator is always crammed full of stuff and I need to fix that as well.

This is a handy counter area that separates the living room and kitchen. Do you know what would make it even more handy? If it wasn't covered in junk! And yes those are empty Easter baskets that haven't yet been put away.

This is our coat rack by our door. There are still WINTER coats hanging on it. With gloves and knit hats. It needs to be exchanged for ball caps and jackets. The winter stuff must go. TODAY!

So those are just a few of the things I am working on today and possibly tomorrow. We shall see what gets accomplished. Which means I must end this and get moving. Plus Nolan is pissed that is is 11:30 am and he hasn't had his third bottle and 2nd jar of baby food. Yes you read that right. That would be the reason my not quite 6 month old son weighs 18 pounds. No don't rub your eyes or blink you read that right 18 pounds.

Peace Out
Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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Casey said...

"Bill Holder of DEATH" - that made me laugh rather loudly. If I just woke my kids up from their newly entered state of napping, I'm shipping them off to your house, Shay.

My counter is always covered with stuff too! Renders it totally useless, other than a catch-all for all the things I take away from the kids during the day, or find that is broken that i need to fix, or will put away later, etc. etc. etc. Some days I'm tempted just to rip it out and make that whole wall a panel of shelves .... Hmmm .....

Good luck, my friend! Tame the beast! You can do it!