Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just some updates...

So it has been a minute and I thought I would run through some updates of things going on in our lives....

Clear out the clutter.... Still working on it :) Pictures will happen. I need to find ten (cotton pickin') minutes that I don't have kids diggin' things out of the trash pile saying, "but momma I love this scribbled on piece of paper that I haven't touched in one whole year" and hiding it back away!!!

Leanna needs to see an optometrist to register for Kindergarten apparently that is a new state law. Who knew? Well not me obviously so I am working on that and a few other things to get her registered.

Hudson, well one day he makes me sad and the next he makes my heart smile. I love him! He also has recently learned how to spell his name. He can tell you it and will several times over know if I could only get him to try to write it :)

Nolan is having surgery on Friday to have tubes put into his ears. To help alleviate some negative pressure in his ears. Not to mention to drain the fluid that is ever present and is further hampering his already hampered hearing abilities :) He is honestly one of the happiest kids I have ever met. He smiles and laughs and is just a joy to be around.

Josh had a birthday on the 18th. His 27th to be exact. We had a nice time. He got a new BBQ grill and a couple of new movies. Some yummy poke cake and a good old fashioned game of freeze tag while Nolan was napping in the play pen. He is also testing for a promotion tomorrow or today depending on when I finish writing this post. So hopefully (and praying) that it goes well.

I am sleepy :) Okay... when am I not sleepy? I am trying to keep things together and not lose my sanity. However I don't know any other moms that aren't trying to do the same things :) It is going. We are looking at trying to get that house (mentioned in post below), get things organized, clear things out, get a camping trip in here somewhere and enjoy the gorgeous weather.
We have been outside A LOT! Bike rides, walks and trips to the park. Anything to be moving and exerting our energies outside. The sad part is that the inside of my house... well... with the next 4 days consisting of pretty much rain, I will hopefully get things done! Hahaha or string up the small people who will be bouncing off the walls. Shockingly I actually have some projects to hopefully keep them busy the next couple of days while I work. We will see how that goes.

So basically we are well.... living life. It is crazy, it is chaotic and yet some where in there with the grace of God, love for each other and love for Jesus we manage to hang in there, love one another through the faults and find contentment in the chaos (or at least try to) and the majesty in the mundane.

May God continue to help me see the beauty in the beast, the creation in the crazy, the love in the small things, the good in the bad and may He continue to forgive this momma who just doesn't seem to always be able to pull it all off. Thank you for your son and the grace you give me even when I don't deserve it!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

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