Friday, April 30, 2010

You guys loving Nolan!!!

Amy over at Amy's Finer Things has this little blog awesome sauce thing about Finer thing Fridays. So I thought I would participate.

I am so thankful for all the people who love our family and are supporting us in our hearing impairment journey. It makes it easier to know we have so many supporting us and loving us when someone who is ignorant (and I was that word as it should truly be used!) and cares not to understand and instead chooses fear.

Fear of the unknown or the atypical cause some to strike out in anger and hurtful words and sometimes they do it in front of my other children.

Leanna learned a valuable lesson this week as well. (This is unfortunately her third lesson regarding this.) Hudson well he just doesn't understand that way of people yet, thankfully.

However so many of you choose to love my little guy for who he is as a person and not what he can/cannot hear. Or how he looks. Or how sometimes our routine has to be different.

So thank you for loving him. He is pretty special to us because he is a beautiful boy not because he is hearing impaired. Our family just likes to think that gives him a little "Flava" or extra "sumpin sumpin".

Family and Friends loving our boy? Most definitely a finer thing.

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

P.S. Nolan is #153!!! So if you haven't voted yet here is the link! NOLAN BY SURPRISE


Allison said...

What a cutie. I have a friend with a little girl who has hearing implants. They have greatly improved her hearing. What a blessing they are.

Sherry said...

HE is adorable! I have a cousin who has hearing implants from birth.

What a wonderful thing to be accepted and loved by family and friends and a merciful God! :D

Amy @ Finer Things said...

He's precious! So glad you have loving family and friends. :)