Friday, November 4, 2011

Working Out...

I have been keeping up with my working out. I have not been as consistent as I should have been but it has been CRAZY! I can't workout during the day and making myself leave the house after bed time is soooo hard. I always feel better when I work out though. So I have been trying to make myself go at least twice a week. I also work out once a week with a trainer (thanks to some birthday money and a gift from a friend) and I also split the cost with another lady who trains with me!!!

I am running mostly. I am trying to get in enough shape to run a 5k in the spring/summer. I would love to do a half at some point in my life. It definitely isn't something in the near future.

Up until tonight my personal 1 mile time was 12:38 but last night I smashed it by 37 seconds!!! That's right I ran 1 mile in 12:01!!!! It was crazy awesome. My two mile time wasn't as good as it has been or should have been but I was still okay with it as well 25:02.

There was a time when doing .5 miles was overwhelming. The sheer fact that I am walk/running two miles!?!?! Well that speaks in and of itself. I like feeling good about myself and I am hoping my Christmas time to have my mile time down under 11:15!!!

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