Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Best and Worst Wednesday

Best part of being thrifty: A basically brand new toy for a friend for his first birthday!
Worst part: Buying something that didn't have batteries in it... now I am praying it works... cause I have to go buy batteries since I don't have any handy.

Best part of Wednesday: I don't have to cook dinner because the lovely ladies at church do it.
Worst part of Wednesday: They are cooking the exact same thing that we had for dinner on Monday.

Best part about my two year old: He makes me laugh.

Worst part about my two year old: Today I have been laughing to keep from crying!

Best part about blogging again: I really like taking a few seconds out of my day or night and recording some things that happened.
Worst part about blogging again: I feel guilty if I don't post or if there aren't any pictures...Weird I know.

Happy Wednesday!
Momma to 3
*Shay B*

1 comment:

CailinMarie said...

hey there, I enjoyed your best/worst. I get it, I feel guilty too. silly I know!