Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patty's Day Fun!

Leanna decided she wanted to really "celebrate" St. Patrick's Day. So we decided to have a St. Patrick's Day party.

I am part Irish and we (as a kid) lived in the dogtown area which is dominately Irish/Italian/German area. We really did St. Patrick's Day when I was growing up.

So like I said we decided it would be fun so we did. We invited and then we made a plan. While we were trying to figure out what we would serve as snacks and things we could do for our friends. Leanna and Hudson really learned alot.

One of the snacks we decided to make was rainbow jello! It was fun and it took two days to make it (because of having to let each color set before layering the next color) and since it did Leanna really learned alot about rainbows and colors. Oh and of course how to make Jello!

We also learned about how the shamrock became such a big part of St. Patrick's Day. So we made our own shamrocks. We cut out hearts and put the points together it was a fun time with glue and stickers! (Be prepared for A LOT of green in this photo)

Because some of our friends aren't at the "cutting" age just yet we had some fun coloring pages with a leprachaun, rainbow and pot of gold.

A group photo of all the small people that were there with us that day.

And if you want to know what St. Patrick did with all the snakes in Ireland you should ask Hudson ;)

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