Friday, February 12, 2010

Man is it Heavy in here?

Sorry about the last couple of posts. Man it sounded depressing didn't it? It wasn't I promise. Crazy? Yes. Unscheduled? Yup and it still is. Hard? Absolutely. Depressing? Nope.

So in the interests of my 3 readers (love you guys) I wanted to let you all know I am okay. Just working on some stuff. It may get heavy every once in awhile. But sometimes I have to get it out. Or it gets really heavy on the inside...ya know?

So to lighten the mood I present you with pictures of the small people that make this mommy possible...

Nolan...whose smiles make me laugh.

Hudson my monkey... this pictures is ironic justice... my monkey with THE monkey.

Mommy and Leanna getting electric (boogie oogie oogie)

More fun stuff to come I promise :)

Keepin It Real
*Shay B*

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