Monday, February 1, 2010

Accountability by Picture

This is my bedroom.... Yeah I know crazy right. It will not look like this by the end of today. Picture proof by midnight tonight I promise.

This is my laundry room. I am afraid of the monster that is hiding beneath the disaster. Proof again by midnight of my awesome homemaking skills. (*crosses fingers and prays*)

This is our chore chart. Obviously we have been bad about keeping it up. Our new normal has messed some things up. That all changes this week. Promise.

This is my kitchen. Not to shabby but could be better. It is part of the great cleanup of February 1st.

This is my living room. With two really cute if not messy small people that live in it. Man are they in for a surprise this week... or maybe it is mom. We will be finding out.

I invite you back at midnight tonight to see if progress was made. Accountability by picture I am thoroughly disgusted that I just posted those pictures. But hey at least I am keepin' it real folks. Just keepin' it real.

Pray for me would ya?

*Shay B*


Anonymous said...

Go, Shay, Go!!! I'm on a cleaning frenzy around here today too! Must be something about the sunshine that makes us compelled to clean ... ?

Can't wait to see your progress by the end of the day! (though, I must admit, I will be checking back in the morning. As much as I love you, I'm not staying up til midnight to wait for your post :) Sorry :) )

Bethany said...

Do you have energy reserves that you aren't telling me about? Cause seriously how do you do it all. I'm tired just reading that!! I hope Nolan slept well for you last night. Prayers!!!

Sarah G said...

Way to go Shay! I hope you were able to get it all done or at least a big chunk. I know it can feel SO good to get some things organized and cleaned. It's amazing to me how much smoother my life goes when things are organized. I don't feel so panicked all the time. And don't worry you wouldn't want to see my bedroom right keeps getting pushed aside by other more pressing tasks, but it will have to be tackled soon because we've got to get our carpets cleaned and stuff out for a baby soon. :) Good luck my friend!