Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have no theme...

I have realized my blog has no real theme to it. I blog about everything and anything I am thinking, feeling, talking about, eating, playing whatever. I have no direction or focus.

Which is fun sometimes and others is a little infuriating. Right now my life feels like that no direction or focus or anything. It is distracting and well... infuriating (to reuse a word).

We are working on that here. It seems/feels like that is all we are working on right now. I am not sure how to not work on it. Any advice other stay at home moms? Am I missing the SAHM schedule train? Everyone else seems to be riding it but me? Which for me is weird because up until this last 3.5 months I was the most scheduled and disciplined person I know. Now... you might as well call me willy nilly. 'Cause that is how we are living life here in the "B" casa.

Keepin' It Real,

*Shay B*

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Anonymous said...

I feel like we just finally got a schedule down. Seemed like we had one before Elliott came, then #2 turned the world upside down. I think around 6 mo he finally got on a good nap schedule and that helped a ton. And, like I told you before, I actually had to write a schedule down or it was nearly impossible for me to get the "schedule train" out of the station!

That said, there is a day or two during the week where I throw the schedule we have out the window. PJ Day. Or Laundry Day. Or Catch-Up Day. We all need our time to regroup from a long weekend or long week.

That's all I got - lol