Saturday, February 13, 2010

Magic House Fun

We went to the magic house... okay it has been a while.. but we went with some friends and we had a super fun time.

Curious George was on exhibit there and it was kinda cool that we went cause now we are members there and we can go for free all year! Which a trip may be in the works for next week sometime cause this momma is ready to not be contained to the house for an afternoon. Bring on spring... sorry got a little off track.

Back to the Magic House.

Heather invited us. This is Craig pretending to be the Bellman.

Hudson is so like his Daddy he could have spent all day working on this car.

Owen was there with his mommy too. He is sooo cute.

The static electricity ball of awesomeness. Leanna however (sadly) doesn't really need the ball for her hair to look like this. But it was a lot of fun!

Hudson was having fun sorting vegetables and fruits at the market.

Leanna could have played in the grocery area for DAYS. She checked me out at least 3 times and then put it all back and wanted to do it again!

I am so thankful to live in an area where there are options (learning options to boot) for the kids to play. I like the next momma love an energy using trip to the playground. However a trip to use muscles and BRAINS!?!?!? Priceless.

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