Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slim Lady?

I was crazy to try to do any dieting before the holidays. Crazy...plain and simple. So it starts tomorrow (again). Melissa and I are hitting the gym. HARD.

I have managed (as of my last weigh-in last monday) to lose 7 pounds. I was at 263 last Monday. My doctor even commented that she was impressed as most people have gained 5-10 pounds by now (I saw her on December 18th) so I am proud to say I hadn't gained.

However I missed the mark on my New Years goal weight of being 250 by December 1st. Which is sad for me. I am hoping to make better progress because as we know the end goal is 200 pounds by September 21, 2010.

After the workout tomorrow and the weigh in I will clue you all in. (You know the three of you.)

Here's to hoping I can kick butt and take names.

I am also hoping to start posting a picture each Monday to have a *look in progress* as well as a blog in progress.

So here it is. What will hopefully the last time you will *see* me at this stage in the game. (Please have mercy on me my case... is that this was at 11:02 in the evening I was in my pajamas, had just gotten finished clipping coupons, no makeup and had been cleaning all day).

*Shay B*


Bethany said...

Love you and your comfy jammies. Go Shay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Shay!!! I'm so proud of you for making such a great commitment to make it to the gym! I can't wait to start seeing the lbs melt off you! :)

Sarah G said...

Way to go Shay!!! I'm super impressed that you lost weight during the holidays! That's awesome!
And for the record I think you look great!! You just had Nolan not too long ago and you look fabulous!! Go, go, go!!

Anonymous said...

We can do it!

Karina Vader said...

Yes! We can do it. Good luck!!!