Monday, January 4, 2010


"If every day is a gift then Monday is the ugly sweater your aunt makes for you!" -unknown

I heard this the other day and I almost peed my pants.

I am not a Monday lover. I hate Monday's I loathe them. However it is true that every day that I am alive and breathing is a gift. An opportunity to make my life better than yesterday. A chance to right wrongs and live like noone else.

I want to live like noone else. I want to be that person you see and go man she has it together, she is such a positive person, what an amazing attitude. Guess what? I'm not. Guess what else? Today is that gift and I am going to get it right. It may take until tomorrow though *smile*. Stick around as I try and make the most of each gift I am given in 2010 even if it is a Monday.

Happy Monday.

*Shay B*

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Sarah G said...

That's a great quote!! It's hard sometimes remembering every day is a gift. I'm trying to make 2010 more intentional too and realizing that each day is a gift and I better make the most of it.