Wednesday, December 9, 2009

God, Ladies and a Good Book

So God was kinda smacking me in the head over the past year to start a bible study with the Ladies at church.

At our home church there is a Women's Tues. am bible study, a Men's Group, Prayer Warriors, a Wednesday night program, a decent children's ministry (we are working on it)and a pretty awesome YAC (Young Adult Class) on Sunday Mornings. However, there really wasn't anything for Young Women. You know young moms, wives, friends and us working ladies that can't make it to the Tuesday group.

So I mentioned it before we found out I was pregnant and about 3 people said they were interested.....and I ignored God telling me to start it.

So I mentioned it when I was about 6 months pregnant and about 3 people said they were interested.....and I ignored God yet again.

Then I had complications and was put on bedrest for awhile and I thought about it some more.

After our little guy arrived I decided okay this is it. I asked Mark (our minister) to order the books (I had already known the book I wanted to do the study with the first time I mentioned doing it). I put a date down in my calendar and I started planning and planning and planning. I would mention it and again I got about the same 3 people saying they were totally up for it.

Our first meeting was in November. I passed out the book (The Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free) to anyone who asked for it. I figured that night I would see the same three who were up for it. Nope.

To be honest with you. I was scared to start it. If I am completely honest and state it in black and white. I was terrified to head something like this. What in the world can I teach any of these ladies? Why would they want to listen to me? What do I know about God and His love or what He wants for us?

God had other plans and thoughts I guess... because not three but...

TEN ladies. It was amazing I never thought God would allow me to teach a group of ladies so amazing. I was so nervous that night.

We had such a great night! It has been such a blessing to me to have to sit and focus on the book and dig deeper and really hash it out. I had already read the book once and loved it. To actually sit down and focus and put it into a lesson plan and explain it to others to discuss it and hash it all out? It is totally something I needed.

I have since passed out the remaining books I had left out of the 15 that were ordered.

December is Chapter 2 : Lies Women Believe About God. It is a great chapter. It is one I am struggling with to get right. To explain it to "teach" it. Most importantly for me to learn it.

God may be using me somehow but really? I feel like God is using this book and these ladies to teach me something.

*Shay B*

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Sarah G said...

Shay I'm very proud of you for doing this and I'm sure you are doing a FABULOUS job! I wish my life wasn't so crazy right now and I would totally join you. Yay you!