Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Leanna and Hudson for the most part still play really well together. I shouldn't complain to much. They drive me up a wall and they argue and they bicker and they hit and pinch and kick just as much as everyone else. With all things considered though, I have never seen another little brother play tea party or house for hours and I have never seen an older sister play monster truck smash for an afternoon.

This was a quieter day neither was feeling totally themselves. Snuggles and movie watching was on order for the day. However one day I promise pictures of the tea parties and the monster truck smash too!


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Sarah G said...

Good stuff! I seriously CAN NOT WAIT for Evalyn to sit and watch a movie like that. I don't want to wish her little life away, but if we could have rainy or sick cuddle on the couch and watch movies day that would be great! :)