Saturday, November 21, 2009

The mom of 2 boys and a girl dun dun dunnnnn.

I was reading a friends post at her blog the other day and I left a comment. It made me think. All the thinking about that one comment led me to this blog post. See Sarah who knew that a question blog post would turn into a comment and then into this? Yeah that is my thought process... still sure you want to read here?

She is the mommy to (soon to be) three gorgeous girls. I love her girls they make me smile. I don't know her middle daughter little Eva as well as I know Lily. Lily and Leanna are friends (sadly we don't see them often enough). Lily is Leanna's and I quote, "girliest girl friend". That is what Leanna calls most of her girl friends.

It reminds me that I am a mommy to a girl. That is a hard job for me. Really it is. I am not a "girls girl" I am that rough, tough tomboy type. I hate trying to pretend I understand "girl" stuff. I don't. Drama it frightens me. I worry about her middle school and high school years. I do truly. How in the world will I handle her? Raising a gentleman. I think I have a handle on "most" of that. Luckily I married one so he will be an amazing help.

My comment on Sarah's blog I believe was close to this...

I can handle blocking karate kicks and identifying bugs in mud holes better than I can painting nails and discussing the art of princess walks (yes that was a true discussion at our house about a week ago).

Pray for me okay? Better yet pray for Leanna. I want to raise her to realize she is a princess of the King. I want to raise her to have a compassion for other people, to have respect for herself, to want to be a mommy and a sister and a daughter. I want her to be good. Even more so than good I want her to be kind. I pray (most nights if I remember to pray before falling asleep that is) that she goes past the arena of goodness but acts on it in kindness.

The problem with all of that? I am not sure I know how. Here's hoping I am doing an okay job at it.

*Shay B*

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Sarah G said...

Shay, I LOVE You!!! You are just the best mom, friend, and person I know. :) I'll definitely be praying for you as you raise Leanna and the boys too. :) You are doing a great job with your little princess and she is lucky to have such a great mom like you. I need to send Will over to your house to help block the karate kicks. :)