Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess what?

Nolan will be one month old on Thursday.

How in the world is he already a month old?

Tell me if you know. Because let me tell you I.Have.No.Clue.

Here are just a few things after this past month I do know...

  • I love him to pieces.
  • I can't imagine our lives without him.
  • His brother and sister are crazy about him.
  • He looks just like his daddy.
  • When he cries it sounds a little like a baby lamb.
  • When he smiles (you know the ones that he isn't even doing on purpose yet) my heart melts like butter in a hot skillet.
  • When he is angry he is ANGRY (just like his brother).
  • When he stretches his right foot shakes uncontrollably contributing to his pet name from Daddy and I...Thumper.

    I heart him.

    Don't you?


    Mom2Owen said...

    We love him too! I can't believe that he is one month old, all these babies are growing up way to fast!

    Sarah G said...

    Definitely heart him too! Can't wait to see him again.