Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day by numbers....

Today is the 20th

Number of times I said stop that : 1,000,000

Number of waffles consumed for breakfast : 6

Number of egg sandwiches made for the husband : 2

Number of times Hudson had to be told to settle down : 1112...1113, 1114

Number of times Nolan has fallen down : 7 (he is going to end up hurting himself if he doesn't figure it out how to get back down from a standing position SOON)

Number of bottles washed : 12

Number of words spelled for Leanna : 89 (she was writing a letter, a looong letter to a friend)

Number of jars of food consumed : 4

Number of laundry loads completed : 4

Number of time outs : 22

Number of times Nolan pulled his hearing aids out : 35 (no I am not exaggerating)

Number of times Nolan pulled his hat off : 6

Number of books read : 8 (1 by Leanna)

Number of pictures colored : 4

Number of coupons clipped (so far) : 52 (hey I was a couple weeks behind)

Number of time I have vacuumed: 3 (it is an obsession I know)

Number of carrots consumed at snack time : 1 bag (yeah Hudson = growth spurt)

Number of bed time kisses : 16 (delay tactic 101)

Number of I love yous spoken: LOTS

Just another day in the Brewer household...


Casey said...

You're so smart and clever! I love this! Oh, and busy - did I mention busy? Such is the life of a mommy, eh? Beautiful portrait of your day.

Shaybplus3 said...

Thanks I actually have seen it on a couple of different places lately... and I wanted to remember (you know when I am old and gray and my brain isn't working so good no mo') what a "typical" day looked, felt, sounded like :)

Thanks my friend!

Sarah G said...

This IS great! I love the telling Hudson 1112 times and so on to settle down. That is about how many times I have tell Eva. :)